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Factors responsible for Migration.

The factors that are responsible for migration are categorized into Push and Pull factors. Various push and pull factors are opportunities, security, lifestyle, quality of life, etc. Many other political, economical, religious issues may also lead to migration. Migration can become difficult, if you plan to start with the proceedings by yourself. So, when you are planning to migrate, it is always better to hire migration agents; they will be assisting you, right from the application process, till you get your visa granted. If you are planning to migrate to Australia, then 888 Migration Services must be your option, as they are registered with the Australian Government, and are reliable.

The Push factors force people to migrate voluntarily from a country. In many cases, these push factors pose a few risks to people, which will make them choose migrating over, staying. Some of the push factors would be-
1. Lesser or no jobs
2. Drought, flood, famine and other natural calamities.
3. Pollution and unhealthy environment
4. Basic needs being expensive.
5. Poor medical care
6. Extreme religious activities.
These factors, especially the lack of job opportunities is not good for the country?s economic growth as well as the citizens? welfare.

The pull factors are ones that attract people to a country and make them leave their own country. The biggest pull factors are the excellent job opportunities, a better lifestyle and a healthy way of life. An individual?s perception about a country can also act as a pull factor, that can make him/her move to that country. Some of the pull factors are-
1. The job opportunities and the stable economy.
2. Better living conditions and the lifestyle.
3. Security in the destination country.
4. Better infrastructure.
5. Cost-friendly life.
6. Different culture and the diversity in different aspects.

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