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Blog posts February 2017

Things to know about workplace bullying

There are many employees who are the victims of workplace bullying out there. But, they are hesitant to stand up and speak about it, may be due to the embarrassment or fear. But this has to change. Know that if you are a victim of workplace bullying, it is your right to report the harassment to your…

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How does a good bathroom improve your house value?

Many do not know the connection between and updated and modern bathroom, and the house value. House value means the saleability of your house, and the comfort of the bathroom users.
A well-designed bathroom attracts many, as this is one of the most visited rooms in the house. With appropriate lightin…

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Factors responsible for Migration.

The factors that are responsible for migration are categorized into Push and Pull factors. Various push and pull factors are opportunities, security, lifestyle, quality of life, etc. Many other political, economical, religious issues may also lead to migration. Migration can become difficult, if you…

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